Rechargeable Electric Wine Aerator and Dispenser

• *EASY AND FUN -attach the metal, adjustable straw to the aerator, attach the Aerator to the wine bottle, turn on the Aeration button and push and hold the one touch button for instant wine aeration -air intake system to infuse your wine with the optimal amount of oxygen -impress your guests, everyone will want a turn to “pour” -conversation piece at a party -compatible with 750 and 1.5L wine bottles -aeration can simply be turned on/off depending on if you want aeration
• *ENHANCE YOUR WINE EXPERIENCE -elevate your wine tasting experience -amplify the ambiance and enhance the purity, aroma and taste of your favourite wine -pour the perfect glass of vino, aerated perfectly, allows the wine to breathe instantly -essential wine bar gadget allows you to decant and dispense your favourite Red, White or Rose direct from the bottle to the glass -wine accessory features an airtight rubber seal to keep wine fresh
• *QUALITY -modern, trendy, sleek design -made with quality materials- durable, elegant acrylic spout and stainless-steel adjustable extension tube manufactured with food grade materials -quiet design -easy to clean- rinse stainless tube with warm water in an emptied wine bottle -easy to maintain- 1 charge lasts 30 wine bottles -battery indicator light to let you know when battery needs to be recharged
• Premium Support- if you are not completely satisfied contact us and we will help you.