Aerator Pourer Chill Stick

Wine bottle chiller stick, aerator and non-drip pourer, decanter. 3 in 1. Stainless steel rod for freezer. Foil cutter and stopper. Rapid chilling. Iceless wine cooler.

Fit all Occasions-parties, gift giving, seasonal holidays. Easy to travel with- camping and picnics. Adds joy and relaxing atmosphere to all your celebrations. Comes in elegant gift box with a foil cutter and stopper for a Great gift idea.
Keeps your pre-cooled wine at an optimum drinking temperature and refresh your red wine to ideal cellar temperature. A must-have wine accessory for wine lovers.

3 in 1 design-Wine Chiller, Wine Aerator and Wine Pourer. Keep your wine at the ideal temperature, aerate your wine for improved flavour, pour your wine wine no spills or dripping.

Safe and Durable- Food grade stainless steel. Chills your wine without dilution. BPA free rubber stopper and acrylic pourer. Next generation Non-toxic cooling gel.

Easy to Use and Clean- Place the chiller stick in the freezer for an hour. Then screw the rod onto the aerating pourer and insert the stick in your bottle of wine (remove a bit of wine first to avoid over spill). Hand wash with warm water and place back in the freezer! Sleek design fits most wine bottles. No more need for an ice bucket!

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